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Modified Drum Tab

The first line is for the snare sound. This can be a tongue snare, a lip snare, or any other snare. Next is the hi-hat line, and the third is the bass line. Another line can be added at the bottom for miscellaneous sounds, which should be defined below the tab and apply only to that pattern. Here's an example:
    S |----|K---|----|K---||----|K---|----|K---|
    H |--T-|--T-|--T-|--T-||----|----|----|----|
    B |B---|----|B---|----||B---|----|B---|----|
    V |----|----|----|----||--W-|--W-|--W-|--W-|
      W = Vocalized "What?"

Beats are separated by single lines, bars by double lines. Here's a key for the symbols:


  • JB = Bumskid bass drum
  • B = Strong bass drum
  • b = Soft bass drum
  • X = Sweeping bass drum
  • U = Techno bass drum


  • K = Tongue snare (without lungs)
  • C = Tongue snare (with lungs)
  • P = Pff or lip snare
  • G = Techno snare


  • T = "Ts" snare
  • S = "Tssss" open snare
  • t = front part of successive hi-hats
  • k = back part of successive hi-hats


  • Kkkk = Click roll

Basic Beat

This is the basic beat. All beginners should start here and work their way up.
    S |----|K---|----|K---||----|K---|----|K---|
    H |--T-|--T-|--T-|--T-||--T-|--T-|--T-|--T-|
    B |B---|----|B---|----||B---|----|B---|----|

Double Hi-Hat

This one sounds cool and is a good exercise for speeding up your hi-hats without using the successive hi-hat sounds.
    S |----|K---|----|K---||----|K---|----|K---|
    H |--TT|--TT|--TT|--TT||--TT|--TT|--TT|--TT|
    B |B---|----|B---|----||B---|----|B---|----|

Modified Double Hi-Hat

This is a more advanced beat that should only be attempted if you can successfully do the Double Hi-hat pattern with perfect accuracy. It switches up the rythms in the Double Hi-hat pattern to make it more interesting.
    S |----|K---|----|K---||----|K---|----|K---|
    H |--TT|----|TT--|--TT||--TT|----|TT--|--TT|
    B |B---|--B-|--B-|----||B---|--B-|--B-|-B--|

Advanced Beat

This is a very advanced beat. Only try it if you've mastered the above patterns as well as the successive hi-hat(tktktk).
    S |----|K---|----|K---||----|K---|----|K---|
    H |-tk-|-tk-|tk-t|-tkt||-tk-|-tk-|tkSS|--tk|
    B |B--b|---B|--B-|----||B--b|---B|--B-|----|

Techno Beat

    S |----|G---|----|G---||----|G---|----|G---|
    H |--tk|--tk|--tk|--tk||--tk|--tk|--tk|--tk|
    B |U---|----|U---|----||U---|----|U---|----|

Drum and Bass Basic Beat

    S |--P-|-P--|    |S |-P--P|-P----P-|
    H |----|----|{3x}|H |-----|-.tk.t-t|
    B |B---|B---|    |B |B-BB-|B--.B---|

Simple but Cool Beat

This beat has 16 beats in it. ch4nders split it into 4 beats. it sounds cool when it is faster
    |B t t t |K t t K |t k t B |K t t K |

MIMS "This is Why I'm Hot" Beat

When it says D, do a quick double bass kick.
    S |--K-|--K-|--K-|--K-|
    H |-t-t|t--t|-t-t|t--t|
    B |B---|-D--|B---|-D--|

The Classic Hip-Hop Beat

    S |----|K---|----|K---|
    H |-tt-|-t-t|tt-t|-ttt|
    B |B--B|--B-|--B-|----|

Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Beat

For the t line, you actually click your tongue. The number three represents a relatively open mouth, for a higher more open sound. One represents a small “O” shaped mouth, for a low tongue click, and 2 is somewhere in the middle. The beat is quite difficult, and you can practice doing just the bass and snare until you feel ready to add the tongue clicks. Additionally, you may add a high pitched “Snoooop” humming in your throat. Listen to the song to see what it’s like.

Create your own patterns

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